Hazir Ensemble

Hazir; Turkish/Urdu = ‘Ready, Willing, Available’

Hazir play their own intoxicating, high-energy, shimmy-inspiring interpretations of popular, folk and classical melodies, songs and rhythms from across the Middle East, Turkey and beyond. Often showcasing top class Middle Eastern Dance artists, Hazir are an
ideal live music act for dance events, workshops, restaurants, recording sessions, village halls, concert halls, festivals and celebrations of all kinds. We can arrange suitable PA hire.

Hazir are:

Lulu Austin (Violin/Percussion)

Elvin Herrick (Darbuka/Riq/Frame drums)

Simon Leach (Oud/Saz/Percussion/Zurna)

Jo Levine (Piano Accordion/Piano/Percussion)

Tom Parry (Clarinet/Saxophone/Duduk/Percussion)

Sevilay Turlington (Voice/Percussion)

‘So why do we play this particular music? Perhaps there is something of the various migrations of our ancestors deep in the D.N.A, or maybe it’s simply because we love it….’ And as for when the dancers join us, well that’s when the party really takes off!